To purchase an image, decide which one you want and the dimensions you would like. You can tell me the image that you want by including a computer snip of the image, or telling me the page and row of the image on this website.

Each image is part of a limited edition of 10. So only 9 other people may have the same image.

Images are priced by size. A small image is 1250 square centimeters or less. A medium size image is 1251 to 5000 square centimeters. A large image is 5001 to 14400 square centimeters).  An extra large image is anything over 14400 square centimeters

Small images are 25 euros, medium images  are  50 euros, large images are 100 euros, and extra large images are 200 euros.

You will cover the cost of printing and mounting your image.  There are no costs involved in my sending the image to you, as I send the digital file only. The printing and mounting is done by a printer of your choice.

There are many options for printing and mounting the images, from printing on vinyl backed with foamalite, to dibond (an aluminum composite material which is good for images being placed outdoors), to high quality paper which is then framed in whatever manner you desire, to canvas mounted on stretchers, to hung fabrics.

A good printing shop will have the means to print and mount the image to your specifications.  Here in the Algarve, Portugal we use Inforart in Chinicato. They take the extra care required for printing art.  

I have paid them between 50 and 100 euros each to print medium and large images on foamalite backed vinyl, and on dibond. I haven’t had them print anything on high quality paper, canvas, perspex or other materials.

There is undoubtedly  a printer where you live that will take the extra care required.

Your choice of printer is very important. It is often good to get personal recommendations.

You can also tell me any special requirements that you have. For example, you may like an image but may need it in a different shape.  Another example is an image that you like but would prefer with a different tone or color.  

My email is

I hope to have the pleasure of contributing to the beauty of your home or work environment with one of my images.